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Matt Tamondong

DC Jiu Jitsu is Veteran-owned and Lead by Charles Gracie Black Belt Matthew Tamondong. Matt has been training BJJ and MMA since May 2007.

His previous instructors include:

-BJJ Black Belt Masters World Champ Matt Baker

-4th degree BJJ Black Belt Alex Ruas

-BJJ Black Belt and MMA Pro Fighter John George

-BJJ Black Belt World Champ Fernando Salvador

-Pro MMA Fighter and Chute Box Fighter Marlon Mathias

-BJJ Black Belt Lowell Anderson 

and is currently under 3rd Degree black belt Gary Grate, owner of Charles Gracie Jiu Jitsu Reno.


Matt is passionate in teaching BJJ, Wrestling, and MMA for sport and self-defense/anti-bullying. He strives to provide a family-oriented atmosphere while pushing athletes to compete at a high level.

Off the mat he is a dedicated husband and father of three daughters and a fire fighter for the Mountain Warfare Training Center. His goal is to grow BJJ in the Carson Valley by building a strong youth program and an active competition team! Please join and share the beginning of the DC Jiu Jitsu Team!



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